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Some Hacks Of The Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack Z: Review

Going into a battle in a game that you understand nothing about is a recipe for disaster! You must always know what the game is about and also what you need to do in order to significantly increase your chances of winning!

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• When looking at the class types which are positioned at the top right hand side of yoru screen when selecting your character, you must see to it that the character you end up choosing is the highest category which is PHY followed by INT. This class are not here by random but to guide you when doing team formations.
• The three colored capsules in the game are colored red, purple and blue and the trick is in how to effectively use them so that your chances of winning is increased. Leveling up your characters when you ae training them is achieved by using the red capsule, the blue capsule when you want to recover from a battle or deplete the power of you enemy and the purple capsule which is best for awakening your character

• The icons play an important role and some you should avoid like the aiming icon whose sole purpose is to cause serious ios damage to your opponent while on the other hand, the power up icon will increase or rather improve your characters KI
• The link skills in the game can be seen when you click on the character and you must know them in order to know what effect they will have on the enemy during battle time. This also helps you with position and when you are forming a team.
• You must always position your characters in a way that provides you with an advantage over the opponent. Stronger characters are usually put at the forefront.
• Before you select your team, you must select them in the order you want to use them. Appearance of characters in the game is as per your initial selection.
• You must always awaken your characters and especially when they reach some levels where they register either 20, 40 or 60. The purple capsule is excellent for this