Pixel Gun 3D Hack Survival tricks and tips

 It is very engrossing and addictive playing the Pixel Gun 3D game and to even enjoy more, you need to practice the game’s survival mode and also earn more currency in the game as well.  Two things however must happen in the Pixel Gun 3D; your character must survive whilst killing zombies and monsters. However, this does not mean that it will be e a walk in the park for your character and some players usually find it extremely difficult achieving success in this game. It is therefore important to use the Pixel Gun 3D Hack which will help you achieve success in the game.  Below are some few survival hack for Pixel Gun 3D, tips and tricks.

1.            Attack consistently using guns and bombs as that is the only survival means in the game. Always aim at the zombies and keep on firing at the monsters as you move in circles.

2.            Beware of the crawling monsters hence you should aim lower which will make you able to kill them. Kill the monsters by aiming and shooting them anywhere. The monster will be killed instantly no matter where the bullet hits it; be it on the head or feet.

3.            Make sure you are on the move or else you will find yourself in the zombies trap.

4.            The amount of coins earned depends so much on the level of difficulty in the game. You earn three coins whenever you succeed on the game’s ‘Hard level and this is the maximum amount that cab be earned by any player.  You earn two coins when you achieve success on Normal level and one coin on Easy level. These tasks could consume so much of your time but if you are looking to save up on coins, you can therefore use the Pixel Gun 3D Hack Cheats to fasten the process.   

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