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Racing as a good exercise

Racing as a good exercise

If you are looking for a good exercise or being precise, the best exercise to keep you in shape and have strong legs, then racing is the best option you have. When we take part in racing, our entire lower part of the body is in high-speed motion, which generates a rush and helps us in burning fat, if we have. When it comes to the leg muscles, the more you exercise your muscles, the more they get to build up. So, when we are racing, our legs are doing the most work and is put into action with force the most. So, the motion of our legs at high speed helps us to build up our leg muscle. This leg muscle, in turn, helps you in increasing your speed than before. So, with racing regularly or even practicing for your upcoming race, you build your body shape, you stay fit, you exercise, you build your leg muscles, you improve your reflexes as well as you increase your speed. So, you can understand the high number of valuable advantages you get when you put yourself into racing.

These were all about the health regarding factors related to racing. Now, if you are interested in taking part in racing, then following are some of the given types of racing which are available for you to take up.

The types of races available

There are a varied number of races which are available for you to choose from. These are as follows:

  • 100 meters flat race (singles)
  • 200 meters flat race (singles)
  • 400 meters flat race (singles)
  • 1000 meters flat race (singles)
  • 1500 meters flat race (singles)
  • 4×100= 400 meters relay race (4 men or 4 women)
  • 4×200= 800 meters relay race (4 men or 4 women)
  • 4×400= 1600 meters relay race (4 men or 4 women)

There are more varieties when it comes to the types of racing. These are only few who are mentioned. Some of the others are marathon and hurdles and much more. Thus, you can see that if you want to be an athlete and want to take part in racing, then you do have a lot of choices to choose from.

There are many advantages of racing, and you also have a lot of choices when it comes to racing. So, you have a double advantage when you want to become an athlete and want to focus on racing. These two advantages are, firstly, better health and secondly, a lot of choice for passion.